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Post-apocalyptic beachcomber and recycled artist extraordinaire.
10 landscape boxes.
VA309. He found a custard skin, it was still warm
VA308. Henry finds love.
VA304 Percy and Julian plan a yachting expedition.
VA310 I saw grandfather hoarding tripe.
VA312. Unexpected guests arrive at full moon.
VA311. The Tatooist.
VA307 The man who stole his mother's teeth.
VA 314. Charles' fear of biscuits led to incessant itching.
VA316. Henry's parents............
VA315. Shoe the Poodle lived under the table.

These archive cards are £4.20 for 6 plus V.A.T. R.R.P. £1.75 each.
Prices in the History section of the site represent 1990's prices.

Click on the Next button to read a 1994 Len Shelley manifesto from a one man show of his boxes.

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