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dug Nap
A contemporary burst of living out loud fun, Atists to Watch's newest artist.
Sligthly twisted, dug's cards merge absurdism and a rather peverse minimalism via the fine art of the nursery school.
dug is a painter, lyricist and performance artist based in Burlington, Vermont.

CD225B Inside: is now an adolescent! Happy Birthday Let the fun begin! CD226B Inside: Happy birthday! CD227T Inside: more than that , even! CD228T Inside: happy! Thanks so much! CD234E Inside: hope you're "feeling better" soon! 
CD230B Inside: like a fine wine to PERFECTION! Happy Birthday! CD232E Inside: end the war! CD231E Inside: s'upp? CD233B Inside: you're STILL younger than I am! Happy Birthday Anyway! CD215E. Inside: In case it's not always clear, I love you
CD201 CD202 CD203 CD204 CD214
CD206 CD212 CD208 CD209 CD223
CD211 CD216 CD224B. Inside: Have a rockin' birthday! CD217 CD222

Cards sold in 6s at £6.60 plus V.A.T. R.R.P. £2.75 each
Cards are printed with soy based inks on coated recycled paper.


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