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Larry Le Bonte Cards
Drawn from many portfolio studies spanning Larry La Bonte's career to date,
these photographs are matched with introspective, encouraging or humorous quotes.

CL256. Relax into the wonder of it all. Joseph Campbell. CL243. Babies don't come with instruction manuals. Listen to your heart, you will know just what to do. Kathryn T. Shaw. CL253. The fiery trails through which we pass will light us down in honour or dishonour to the last generation. Abraham Lincoln CL245. That most sensitive, most delicate of instruments, the mind of a little child. Henry Handel Richardson. CL238. Let us strive to build peace, a desire for peace, a willingness to work for peace. John F. Kennedy.
CL252. There never was a good war or a bad peace. Benjamin Fraklin. CL249. Today the real test of power is not the capacity to make war but the capacity to prevent it. Anne O'Hare McCormick. CL248. I'm saving that rocker for the day when I feel as old as I really am. Dwight D. Eisenhower. CL246. Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. Margatet Mead. CL255. There are some things you learn best in calm and some in storm. Willa Cather

Cards sold in 6s at £5.40 plus V.A.T.
R.R.P. £2.25 each


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