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Artists to Watch feature the work of some of America's finest photographers including Jim Brandenburg, twice named photographer of the year by National Geographic. Finely chosen words from the world's greatest thinkers, teachers and artists complement the stunning images. Brandenburg's new special edition black and white cards are now available.

Balance, grace and simplicity in the exquisite rabbit cards by C.C.Barton from Salida, California. New images of cats plus one goat. She works in print making and drawing, but also utilises additional mediums in order to add diversity and depth to her artistic expression.

New cards from Nick Wroblewski from his handcut woodblock prints. His images are depictions of our natural world, carved from large blocks of wood and printed one colour at a time. Many cards have deckled edges.


Kenspeckle Letterpress cards from Rick Allen & Marian Lansky. 19th Century printing presses combined with 21st Century digital technology. A miscellany of themes curious, eccentric and delightful.

Also featured are the Japanese Gardens range by Rebecca Pavlenko. Her polaroid transfer photographs capture the peace and seerenity of Japanese gardens and the serene simplicity of Japanese artefacts.


Artists To Watch's newest artist Linda Carter Holman's inspired celebratory paintings and inspiral quotations.
Paintings reflecting the vibrant colours of Venezuela, the American Southwest and California.

Some of the wildest, craziest new cards in the market from Vermont based humourist dug Nap.


Steve Katz from Princetown on Cape Cod creates vibrant Polaroid transfer photographs, and hand colours them in his unique and complex style.


Drawn from many portfolio studies spanning Larry La Bonté's career to date these photographs are matched with introspective, encouraging and humouros qoutes.


Peter Ketchum's modern folk-pop paintings with humourous speech bubbles and captions create a uniquely comic range of cards.



30 Story People cards by Brian Andreas, author of Healing Voices.


Cards are printed using soy based inks on the finest quality recycled paper stock many with decalled edges.



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