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and COLLAGE ART Cards by Lunaea Weatherstone, Paua Dillon , Mary Halderman, Heather Hacker,
Janice Lowry, Erica Tysse, Lisa Cook, Melissa McCobb Hubbell, Karen Hatzigeorgiiou,
Karenann Young, Kristin Ashton, Belinda Schneider, Helga Strauss and Sarah Fishburn.

KG501. 'The purpose of life ia life of purpose' by Karyn Garten. KG504.'She Blooms' by Karyn Garten.

APS306. 'Domestic Goddess I' by Helga Strauss.

KG502. 'Emerge' by Karyn Garten. KG506. 'Sacred Nature' by Karyn Garten.
APS301. 'Silent' by Erika Tysse. APS302. 'King Me' by Lisa Cook. KG503. 'The Gif't by Karyn Garten. APS304. 'I Am An Artist' by Melissa McCobb Hubbell. APS305. 'Sweet Dreams' by Karen Hatzigeorgiou.
APS312. 'Domestic Goddess II' by Janice Lowry. AP309. ' The Little Artist' by Sarah Fishburn. APS311. 'I Create Beauty' by Karenann Young. APS307. 'We Play' by Belinda Schneider. APS308. 'Moulin Rouge' by Kristin Ashton.
AP5313. 'Create Yourself' by Heather Hacker. AP5310 Ah!  Doux Mystere de la Vie.   AP5315. 'Her Majesty' by Paula Dion. AP316.'Mona Lisa Smile' by Lunaea Weatherstone.

Cards sold in 6s at £5.40 plus V.A.T. R.R.P. £2.25 each.


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