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Healing Mandalas: Meditations on Personal and Planetary Peace.
By Bonnie Gold Bell and David Sun Todd.

Each Mandala is a living collage of Earth's natural objects and includes a peace meditation.

MN503. Intention. Be informed by Nature's design. MN504. Respect. Join the Earth tribe. MN501. Reflection. With the world as your mirror , you will see splendour. MN505. Awareness. See your planetary self and be at peace. MN502. Clarity. Open to life's translucent nature.

Gemstone Visions: Crystal Keys to Prosperity.
By Bonnie Gold Bell and David Sun Todd.
Assembled from photographs of brilliant crystals, these cards contain
meditations on spiritual and material abundance.

MN509. High Spirits. Open doorways to the treasures of optimism, abundance and pleasure MN508. Positive Balance. Reclaim the treasures of fullness equanimity and ease .MN512. Memory Bank. Access the treasures of global consciousness, heritage and knowledge


Cards are sold in 6s at £5.40 plus V.A.T. R.R.P. £2.25 each.



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