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Michael Green's Celtic Blessings Cards.

A Celtic Blessings 2017 Wall Calendar is also available.
Cards CB101 to 109 are greeted inside: "Blessed Be".

CB418. Turn to the light~ Circle the center CB403. Walk this world with hearts on fire.

CB412. Two Hearts ~ One Soul.

CB411. If you would know the holy will of God care for his creation. CB419. Be still and know that we are one. Blank Inside. CB410. Blessed Be ~ Lotus Heart
CB408. Leaves Tremble. Roots Remain Still. CB401. A vow of friendship. I honor your path. I drink from your well. I bring an unprotected heart CB404. Above. Below. Without. Within.
  CB416. Be still and know that I am God ~ Be still and know that we are one.  

Cards sold in 6s at £6.00 plus V.A.T. R.R.P. £2.50 each


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